Thursday, September 1, 2016

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How to Work with a Difficult Boss
Several people, over the course of their career, have crossed path at one time or the other with difficult bosses. There are those who are currently sharing an office with a difficult boss who may see the situation as hopeless. Here are four simple ways to work with a difficult boss.

Stay Calm: Staying calm when being screamed at could be quite difficult to do. Some let their emotions get the better of them by either breaking down in tears or screaming back in other to protect a bruised ego. In the corporate hierarchy, your boss is above you and so whatever is said to you in any manner take it with a smile while you plan an exit strategy.

Stay Focused: After a demoralising encounter with the boss, one is often plunged into a sea of despair. Do not let it get to you. Stay focused on the job. People are known to make more mistakes during such a period. Try as much as you can to put yourself together and continue the task as though you never had the encounter.

Stay Committed: You need to, as much as you can, stay committed to your career path. Some have let a difficult boss ruin their career path by resigning without a backup strategy. Do not let that happen to you. Stay focused on the path you have chosen and learn the ropes steadily so that you can attain all that you have set out in life to achieve. Always remember that an unfulfilled life is full of pain and agony and life has its difficult moments. Nothing lasts forever.

Stay Happy: It is often easy to transfer aggression especially when the person to receive it is perceived weaker than we are. After a bad day, some spouses easily transfer the anger from work and this would affect their relationship at home. Never let that happen to you. Whatever happens at work, ensure that it remains at the work place. Remain happy and never make your source of joy, which is your family, unhappy.

In all of these, always remember that happiness can neither be bought nor transferred. Happiness is in you and it is your decision to be happy or not. Let no one make you choose sadness. It is not worth it. Be happy and stay positive.

Written by Anthony Onugba.
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