Monday, August 21, 2017

The greatest news of all time is that no one on earth is here by accident. Yes, you are not an accident. You are here according to a master planthere is a purpose for which you are on earth, and the best way to live a positive life is to find out what this purpose is and fulfill it.

The reason people tend to be negative in life is because they don't know that they are here for a purpose. People become frustrated when they cannot find their life’s purpose and meaning.
A wise man once said that when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. The crisis which the society suffers today is that many people are yet to find out what they are here for, so they just do whatever comes across their way. This is why we have people that are gainfully employed with a good income and still are not satisfied. The dissatisfaction comes from deep within them; it is their inward being protesting and struggling to find expression.
Everyone has a peculiar ability that is unique to them, an innate ability to solve a particular problem. When this is found, when purpose is found and met with that innate ability, joy springs up from within and finds expression undeniable to both self and others. Therefore, coming into the awareness of self, −one’s purpose and innate ability goes a long way.
The question then is how does one find purpose? How does one annex his/her innate abilities to solve the problem he/she was created to solve?

First, it is by acknowledging that there is someone behind the scene who has the blueprint of one’s life, that there is a God who created us for his own good pleasure. One denies his or herself of the joy of living when he/she fails to acknowledge God and fails to live according to his plan. God has given everyone the means and tool to fulfill purpose − that is our gifts and talents, our innate abilities.

Second is self-discovery. Sometimes, living according to an already set pattern is an impediment towards self-discovery. One must be ready to break the status quo to in order to discover oneself. Perhaps there is a career that people, especially parents have in mind. The question to ask is will I find fulfillment in this? Because when we find purpose, we find fulfillment.

Imagine the wind that blows in its full strength and the trees bow. The sun that rises every morning and the flowers that blooms, the trees that bring forth their fruits in their season and the harmony in the birds that sings. All these finds harmony because they live in accordance to God’s plan−they live for what they are created for, and this is True Living

You also can find the right harmony for life if you find out that purpose for which you are here for.
Stay positive… Stay happy.