Sunday, September 3, 2017

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Living with unforgiveness is like eating a rotten fruit, it
affects one the most. Leading a positive life has a lot to do with the heart; the content of one’s heart is what makes up a person. Piling up offences in your heart makes you negative; it affects the totality of your life.
Unforgiveness makes your heart bitter and nothing positive can come out of a bitter heart. It affects your relationship with people around you; it is a poison that kills slowly. Unforgiveness affects one’s health; it kills creativity and inhibits personal development. The reason the world is in despair today is because people go about with a bitter and unforgiving heart: someone offends you at work; you carry the bitterness home and transfer it to your spouse, kids or neighbors who have no idea that you’ve be offended at work. This is the cause of hatred and both emotional and physical abuse ‒ victims victimizing others.
To lead a positive life, one must be ready to embrace forgiveness even when the offender refuses to acknowledge the fault. Forgiveness, as a matter of fact, has to do with you more than the person who has wronged you. When you forgive, you deliver yourself from bitterness and negativities that comes with unforgiveness.
The heart is the most important part of your being, don’t poison, or embitter it with unforgiveness. To live to the fullness of what life has in store for you, to come into the fullness of your potentials, to unlock the streams of creativity that is within you, free yourself from unforgiveness and bitterness.
To forgive and be forgiven is a law of life.
Stay positive…


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